Spring 2014: interaction with Italy-based Offizin S continues

Another working trip takes place in Gnuechtel’s creative works. The Leipzig-based painter will visit his friend and colleague Siegfried Hoellrigl and the artist’s center Offizin S in Meran, located inbetween the spectacular sceneries of the Alpes Mountain chain and the Dolomites Mountains in Northern Italy. With new, additional inspiration; Gnuechtel will return and broaden his works on experimental wooden cut printing.

Looking back on 2013: commercial success, school work and exposition

In 2013, the artist Dietrich Gnuechtel can look back to a year of commercial success, significant large-dimension-paintings and one important exposition in his Home turf, the City of Leipzig. As one of a few artists, Gnuechtel showed some of his paintings as well as paperworks at the “Tapetenwerk”, a famous –vintage-style industrial building complex hosting several studio’s and galleries. The official association of Leipzig-based painters (BBKL) uses one of the gallery locations as their official exposition showroom, where Gnuechtel had the chance to show what he has produced over the last months.

Jan 14th to Mar. 6th 2012: Blue House Gallery in Pegau opens for exposition of Dietrich Gnuechtel

“pictures signs” will be the name of the current exposition of paperworks and graphics shown by the well-established painter Dietrich Gnuechtel. The small town Pegau in the rural area south of Leipzig hosts this exposition of exclusive artworks. The Gallery “Blaues Haus” which means blue house is the ideal place to spectate the latest creations of Gnuechtel.

September 2012 Working trip to Italy

To broaden his spectrum and brain for his artworks, Gnuechtel follows the invitation of Offizin S, a studio and Gallery located by the picturesque town Meran in Northern Italy. Offizin S is well-established as a center for artists, writers, poets to meet, interact and work in the breathtaking environment of the mountain region. Gnuechtel and the owner of Offizin S, the writer Siegfried Hoellrigl, use to work together since decades and Gnuechtel uses the trip to work on original paperworks or small-format graphics. The results also find their place in books, published by writers who join Offizin S frequently.

Tradition continues: 5th Ways of Art lounge takes place in Leipzig, center of the German contemporary arts

Within this unique event containing the exposition of several internationally-known artists, Gnuechtel and his colleague Clemens Gerstenberger prepared an original paperworks, named “Reducere 2012” which will be sold by an non-profit-auction. The amount of the painting which the successful bidder is willing to pay will be donated to the Ronald McDonald Kids center Leipzig.

December 8th, 2011 exclusive event: Opening of Gnuechtel’s new studio and private classical concert

On Saturday, December 8th, the painter Dietrich Gnuechtel invites Guests and fans of the Leipzig art scene to his opening of the new, bigger studio located in the new center of creativity and culture, the suburb Leipzig-West. Located at Luetzener Strasse, his new studio provides more space to continue painting bigger works with more difficult but much more impressive dimensions. To support this unique event, the internationally-known cello-musician Antje Sorger will give a private concert, playing parts of the work of Bach, Friedrich Dotzauer and James Lee.

November 11th to December 8th exposition at the studio Stubenrauch

Leipzigs’s artist Siegfried Stubenrauch traditionally invites collectors and spectators to his studio which also provides sufficient space for expositions. This time, the visitors can expect paintings, graphics, sculptures, accessories Design as well as ceramics and porcelain works. Dietrich Gnuechtel will show his latest works among artists such as Regina Albrecht, Angela Hampel, Harald Bauer, Hendrik Schink and Grit-Ute Zille

October 6th to Oc. 9th 2011 Gnuechtel to be present at 4th Ways of Art Lounge

Among 10 internationally-known artists from Germany and Japan, the German artist Dietrich Gnuechtel will show his latest works at the Ways of Art Lounge at Leipzig City Centre. The painter uses this traditional event to inter-connect with collectors and friends of arts, Design and creative artcrafts. The impressionist is also engaged in non-profit-actions, and therefore he prepared a paperworks (supported by his colleague and friend Clemens Gerstenberger) which will be auctioned at the Ways of Art VIP-night. All the benefit of the auction will be handed over to the Ronald Mc Donald kids-center, who’s advisor is the voice of the famous German Group “Die Prinzen”. On October 8th, Gnuechtel will use the exposition for an exclusive invitation of his friends and supporters to meet him as part of his traditional “arts & conversation” where the cello-playing musician Antje Sorger will support the painter with her brilliant sound.

Leipzig, May 22nd 2011 arts & conversation successful event!

Visitors and guests of yesterday’s arts & conversation event at the studio of Dietrich Gnuechtel enjoyed the opportunity to have an exclusive look behind the scene. Gnuechtel took the opportunity to get direct feedback from collectors and friends of his artworks. Among the guests, there were also some celebrities such as Dr. Thomas Feist, member of the German Federal Parliament.

Leipzig, May 21st 2011 Arts & conversation: Gnuechtel continues traditional opening of his studio for a small group of friends and collectors

Collectors and friends of Gnuechtel’s artworks will have the opportunity to talk about his latest paintings, meet the artists and inter-connect. The musician Antje Sorger will give the event another highlight by inviting Gnuechtel and his guests to a private cello-concert, playing the World-famous Johann Sebastian Bach

Leipzig, November 11th to Nov. 14th 2010 3rd Ways of Art lounge for arts, lifestyle and Design takes place at “Messehof-Passage” Leipzig

The artists Dietrich Gnuechtel, Clemens Gerstenberger, Peter Georgi and Cornelia Nagel will show their artworks during this four-days-event. One of the Highlights will be the non-profit-auction of an original artworks by Gnuechtel and Gerstenberger at the Ways of Art VIP-night.

Leipzig, June 26th 2010 Art conversation

Dietrich Gnuechtel, Co-founder of the Ways of Art initiative invites guests to his studio to learn about his artworks. He is also looking forward to having conversations with his guests who want to re-invent his paintings or simply visit the artist. The junior-violinist Charlotte Gerstenberger will support the painter with a violin-concert in the private athmosphere of an artist’s studio.
Leipzig, October 10th 2009

+++ 2nd Ways of Art Lounge on National German Unification Day succeeded

The 2nd Ways of Art Lounge at Leipzig’s EN FACE Gallery finished successfully on October 4th. Not just actual paintings from Dietrich Gnuechtel were seen at this four-day-exhibition, but also the artists Clemens Gerstenberger, Cornelia Nagel and Peter Georgi showed their actual works at Leipzig City Centre. Since 2005, The group Ways of Art constantly organizes exhibitions and events for art collectors and friends of contemporary art in Saxony. One of the Highlights of the evening has been the Charity auction for an integrative nursery school in Leipzig. With the receipts, the school wants to buy books for all of the 110 kids.
Leipzig, 2008-08-03

+++ First exhibition in America - Gnuechtel’s works well attended in the USA.

Since a couple of weeks, the works of Dietrich Gnuechtel are well attended in the USA. In the beginning of July, the first paintings and graphics arrived SEATTLE, where some galleries were very interested in the art of 65 years old Gnuechtel. Now the artist takes the opportunity to have his first exhibition on the American continent. The CANVAS art Gallery in the centre of Seattle ( will show seven paintings. During the “art walk” on August 7th, the visitors can see them first time.
Leipzig, 2008-08-03

+++ "time-frame" exhibition in Saxon Parliament includes Gnuechtel’s works

From August 12th to September 30th, the works of Dietrich Gnuechtel will be part of an exhibition in the Saxon parliament in Dresden. The exhibition is done by the association of fine arts Leipzig. Gnuechtel will show “Spiegelungen” a paper work, as well as the 2006 painted “Structures”. Further information about the exhibition is available on the Website For the private view on August 12th, the President of the Saxon Parliament, Erich Iltgen, will attend the exhibition.
Leipzig, 2008-08-01

+++ Cooperation with art consultant opens new markets

Now it is fix- after closing a contract with an influent Swiss art consultant, the works of Dietrich Gnuechtel also will be shown in foreign countries, not just in Europe. Dietrich Gnuechtel is one of the abstract expressionists. His paper works, paintings and prints “The old symbols” impressed the patron deeply. The cooperation will include public exhibitions and push the sale in Germany as well as in foreign countries.
Erfurt, 2008-01-11
+++ Touring exhibition in 2009
After the great success of the solo exhibitions in Leipzig and Potsdam, the preparations for Gnuechtel’s first touring exhibition in 2009 began. The abstract paintings will be seen in eight major cities in Europe, in each of them for exactely four weeks. Beginning in his hometown Leipzig, the paintings of Dietrich Gnuechtel shall be shown for about eight months, until they find their last station in 2009 at Germany’s Capital Berlin.

Gnuechtel’s abstact paintings belong to the brand marks of Leipzig Art and they enthused, for instance, more than 1500 visitors in just three weeks at his solo exhibition in Leipzig in September 2007. Because Gnuechtel will work hard on his actual projects in 2008, the next possibility to enjoy the magnificant paintings of the 65 years old artist won’t be until February 2009. Actually, his paintings were seen at world famous Dutch Quartier Potsdam. All details for the touring exhibition will be published soon.
Soul landscape - Paintings of Dietrich Gnuechtel at Sperl Gallery Potsdam
It is great, breathtaking, non-figurative painting. But anyhow, it is about nature- a nature, experienced, felt, underwent with the mind of a painter. He condenses material, that is formed by nature, to an artworld that arranges senses and experiences, which are inaccessible by nature’s direct figurativeness. „I am looking for the interface between the works of human and nature“ Dietrich Gnuechtel, born in 1942, admits.

Of necessity, he stayed autodidact. Supported and advised by a famous female artist, a member of the highest board in GDR’s Socialist Unity Party of Germany SED, to study at the public University of arts, he was rejected by the political system and later he was declared as political crude. He kept on painting, but he had to earn money by doing jobs such as graphics and gardener. Maybe the work with the material earth and sand were the basics for Gnuechtel’s actual style.

What he actually shows at SPERL Gallery, most of his works from the last five years, can be paraphrased with structure paintings. He could descripe them with „ Soul Landscapes“.

„My soul spoke to the soul of the material.“ His materials are canvas, earth, sand, ember, paperboard, used papers. First of all, there are these colours, high-contrast colours, that carry a colourlight in their cells and expanse, which consistently offers new surprises with every change of daylight and artificial light. His colour is body, is relief, infused by structures. It is most beautyful, where it dies down by intensity or where it just reduces to black or white.

Colour is the souvereign that can manifest its peculiarity and possibilities. In the mezzanine of the gallery we can find two paintings, on top of each other, that basicly didn’t belong together, but which won’t be dividable in future. On the one of them, structures, apparently conducted by magnetic fields, converge to a still open expanse. On the second painting, hanging below the first, it is just black. The expanse is absolutely close. But which life of colour, figures and structures! The Black, elaborately differentiated, becomes a pulsating colourskin.

It is difficult to class the carefully in wood cutted and printed „old symbols“ into the painter’s work. But from this object, we can detect, that the apparently sponteanously done work in fact is accurately acted with caution. Some of the regular consumers will wonder about such large format at the end of the year. Where are the annual „small sizes?“. They are there, but this time they are kept in folders.

Arno Neumann
Erfurt, 2007-11-14

+++ Artwork in glass: Leipzig artist Dietrich Gnuechtel once again designs MALLEUS AWARD

In ist second edition, the annual Gala of the Federal Association of german Auctioneers receives once again a very special appreciation. The second time, Leipzig artist Dietrich Gnuechtel, who is one of the most important contemporary abstract expressionists in Germany, designed the magnificant MALLEUS AWARD as honouration for the Auctioneer of the year. Gnuechtel already designed the MALLEUS AWARD, a sculpture from crystal, high-grade-steel and the most expensive granite in the world, which is based on the momentum of the gavel. The first MALLEUS AWARD was given to Mrs. Christiane Bernuth from Erfurt, where the GALA is located this year. Gnuechtel, who is supported by the Federal Association of german Auctioneers, is one of the best-known abstract expressionists in Germany. Countless exhibitions and acquisitions, for instance the world famous Nationalgalerie Berlin, show the high quality of Gnuechtel’s works. At this moment, Gnuechtels hugh paintings are available at Brandenburg’s first adress in contemporary art, Sperl Galerie in Potsdam. More information available by on or
Leipzig, 2007-10-16

+++ Structures- Artist Dietrich Gnuechtel to be seen at Sperl Gallery Potsdam

One of Germany’s most popular abstract expressionists, Dietrich Gnuechtel from Leipzig, will present his exhibition at Sperl Gallery Potsdam. The exhibition will be opened on November 10th. Gnuechtel, whos Leipzig exhibition could receive more than 1500 visitors in just three weeks, is called one of the most sold contemporary abstract expressionists. Gnuechtels paintings were bought by famous institutions like Nationalgalerie, Museum der Bildenden Künste, Sächsische Kunstsammlung and many more. Lots of ambassies and Secretaries own an original „Gnuechtel“. The 65 years old Gnuechtel presents his works in Potsdam at the most famous gallery of Berlin/Brandenburg. His abstract collages belong to the emblems of Leipzig art. On November 10th, the artist, who is assisted by National Federation of German Auctioneers, will attend the Vernissage.

For further information, please contact:
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Leipzig, 2007-10-16

+++ More than 1500 visitors- Gnuechtels exhibition in Leipzig achieved subtained success

The solo exhibition of Leipzig’s painter Dietrich Gnuechtel, which closed with a phantastic visitors amount of more than 1500 people in just three weeks of opening, obtained hughe acceptancer and kudos to the artist. Among the visitors, lots of gallery owners and artists came to see Gnuechtels works at Leipzig’s City Loggia of DRESDNER BANK. This years, Gnuechtel, who is one of the most famous astract expressionists in Germany, celebrated his 65th anniversary. In the end of the 1990s, Gnuechtel withdrawed from the market to work intensively on his paintings and on his style. The result now was presented to public in an exhibition with more than 60 exhibits. „honestly, I was estonished about the great feedback to my paintings. That there were so many visitors being inspired by my works, is the best birthday present“ Gnuechtel rejoiced. Before retaining from public, Gnuechtel was one of the most-sold artists in Germany. Among others, his extensive work, containing paintings, graphics and studies, is bought by Berlins national gallery, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Museum der Bildenden Künste Leipzig, ministry of economics and lots of embassies. After the subtained success of Gnuechtel’s exhibition in Leipzig, his works will be seen from Saturday, november 10th at Sperl Gallery Potsdam. More information will be available on
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